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creepy spider

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Twelve foot Black Creepy Cloth Decoration


Revolutionize any doorway with the 12' Black Creepy Cloth Decoration. The black gauze material is 30 wide and 12' long more than enough to cover nearly every doorway shape and size. As long as you have an urge to create some fear long before someone steps into your room, this 12' creepy material will be there for you. In addition, the material is flame retardant, so you do not have to worry about any intense fire accidents. Every order comes with enough black gauze to cover two doorways. If you want to put some spook in your Halloween, this black gauze has the creepy image to keep kids screaming into your rooms. All of this comes to you at an affordable price. Note: Wooden door and doorway is not included with purchase. Includes: Black gauze material measuring 30 wide by 12' long.
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